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10 Most Iconic Spider-Man Covers - Ranked

Todd McFarlane is one of comic book's major rock stars. His run on Spider-Man is one of fan's most loved and Spawn has gone on to be one of the most successful creator-owned titles in comic book history.

While Marvel and McFarlane would part due to various ongoing disputes, the artist certainly left an incredible legacy and planted the seeds for some of Spidey's best designs going forward.

McFarlane was often criticised for his incredibly detailed art, with some calling his work chaotic and cluttered, but no-one could deny that his design was the most dynamic and exciting version of the character we had seen.

As credit to his legacy, McFarlane's artwork from his Spider-Man tenure has gone on to sell for ridiculous figures. His final cover art broke the world record, as the original drawing for Amazing Spider-Man #328 sold at auction for a truly insane $657,250 back in 2012.

While it only garnered roughly half of that total at the same auction, the cover for Spider-Man #1 has always placed high in fan favourite lists. It's not only cited as one of the best covers in the wall-crawler's history, but also the best artwork, period.