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15 DEADLIEST Comic Book Assassins

At first, Mary Walker comes across as a timid, shy pacifist who has a passion for teaching. However, Mary has DID and will convert to her darker personality, Typhoid Mary, when stressed. In this form, Mary can use telekinesis, put people to sleep, or create hallucinations.

As her mind became less stable, she manifested more Alters, including a pyrokinetic called Bloody Mary. Bizarrely, she cannot access her powers as Bloody Mary while in the personality of Typhoid and vice versa.

When Kingpin recognised Mary's potential, he hired her as an assassin. Even though she's a loose canon, Kingpin is able to control her through hypnosis. In the Shadowland storyline, he demonstrated he can switch her personality in an instant simply by uttering the words, “Frangible archipelago sibilance".

Superheroes have great difficulty fighting her since they have to constantly adjust their strategy while she switches between personalities and powers. Her vast array of abilities and unpredictability has allowed Mary to become Kingpin's right-hand henchwoman, a deadly mercenary, and one of the world's most dangerous assassins.