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10 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Doom In The MCU

Victor Von Doom is easily one of the coolest and most popular villains in the Marvel universe. The classic look, the supreme power and the ultimate villainy is something that makes the character irresistibly charming and one that fans are desperate to see enter into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

His past film incarnations can be summed up as lacklustre. Despite casting decent actors Julian McMahon and Toby Kebbell, the infamous villain hasn't even begun to eclipse the potential he has an overarching antagonist. This disappointing legacy could be easily fixed by finding the perfect actor to take over for the role when he finally enters the MCU.

To choose someone who could easily capture the genius-level intellect, stark leadership skills and overall presence of the otherworldly supervillain is a difficult task. But there are plenty of options who are more than capable of bringing the talent and prestige that the role requires.

This villain could efficiently act as the next significant threat to the avengers, and the producers need to cast someone who can make the role iconic.