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10 Actors Who Hated Working On Star Wars

Like most blockbuster movie franchises, Star Wars is such a massive entertainment goliath that it doesn't really give actors much room for their own agency.

For the most part, they need to just roll with the creative tide given the sheer number of moving parts that go into shooting even the most basic scene, where revisions require time-consuming and expensive adjustments.

As such it's not terribly surprising that many cast members have expressed their distaste for working on the franchise over the years, whether a result of poor working conditions, bad pay, disappointing creative decisions, or the less-pleasant quarters of the fanbase.

Though many of these actors earned enormous wealth and fame as a result of George Lucas' sci-fi franchise, artistic and spiritual fulfilment is much harder to come by, as evidenced by these 10 actors freely discussing their frustrations with being a part of it.

At least for some they've got the comfort of lifelong residuals to soften the blow, though sadly not everyone was sufficiently compensated for their work if these stories are to be believed...