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10 Actors Who Perfected Roles YEARS Before The Movie

Pierce Brosnan didn't have the most spectacular run of James Bond movies all things considered, but to an entire generation of fans he is the quintessential 007. The movies weren't always good, but his charming-yet-reserved performance was absolutely beyond reproach.

Brosnan at least had a thoroughly persuasive coming-out party with his debut in 1995's GoldenEye, a film which lingered in development hell for six years due to various legal wranglings surrounding the property.

But Brosnan's casting was far from surprising, as the actor had originally been cast in the role almost an entire decade prior, and so had many, many years to hone his take on the character.

After NBC cancelled his hit crime series Remington Steele in 1986, Brosnan was formally offered the Bond role, but the surrounding publicity caused Remington Steele's ratings to skyrocket, resulting in the show's last-minute renewal and Brosnan therefore being prevented from boarding the 007 gig.

Eon Productions then forged ahead with Timothy Dalton for the next two Bond flicks, The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill, before the baton was passed back to Brosnan.

If you needed any further proof that Brosnan had the Bond role down pat years in advance, just check out the 1986 Diet Coke commercial he starred in mere weeks after NBC blocked him from joining the franchise, where he played an unnamed, suave, suited-up agent character.

Though certainly nodding in part to Remingston Steele, the distinctly James Bond-esque guitar solo that opens the advert assures it's also making light of Brosnan's missed opportunity.

More than this, it absolutely confirmed he was both a perfect fit for Bond and absolutely ready to get the job done whenever Eon came a-calling.