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10 Actors Who Put Insane Effort Into Details Nobody Noticed

Sometimes, an actor or actress shows up on set without doing much preparation and somehow makes a role work. Then, there are those who put so much time and effort into bringing a role to life on screen, they live as the character they are portraying.

This level of effort doesn't often go unnoticed, especially when it comes at the cost of a dangerous amount of weight gain or loss, but there are plenty of things actors have done to make their roles particularly special, but hardly anyone ever noticed.

These are the things they did to prepare for a role, or it's something they did while acting out their part, but the thing they did was either of such minutia, it couldn't be noticed, or it didn't matter because it was done so well.

The best examples of this sort of preparation are the ones nobody notices. If you think about it, wouldn't you rather be pulled into a portrayal and think it's entirely real than notice something blatant and obvious? Mera's wig in Aquaman comes to mind, but that's more on the costume department than the actress.

Regardless, there are plenty of examples of actors going to extreme lengths to play a character, and these ten are the most insane of them all.