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10 Actors Who Refused To Play Themselves On Screen

One of the few truly memorable things about Ocean's Twelve is the gleefully self-indulgent scene where Julia Roberts briefly plays herself, but Ocean's 8 co-writer and director Gary Ross couldn't get away with quite the same gimmick for one member of his ensemble cast.

Back when Cate Blanchett was in talks to play Debbie Ocean's (Sandra Bullock) partner-in-crime Lou Miller, the character was actually named "Cate" in the script, as Ross and co-writer Olivia Milch had written the part with Blanchett in mind.

But as Ross himself explained, the actress wasn't particularly keen to play what audiences would interpret to be a fictionalised version of herself, and asked Ross to change the name:

"We wrote Cate's character Cate and called her Cate in the script. And then Cate fortunately wanted to do it, but kind of gently let us know 'Guys, this isn't really appropriate anymore.' She was very sweet, but 'I don't think we should name the character after me.' We're like 'Yeah, that's a fair point.'"

Given that Blanchett is quite the acting chameleon - hell, she played Bob Dylan and got an Oscar nomination for it - it's fair to assume she prefers to keep a clear distance between herself and the parts she plays.