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10 Amazing Action Scenes From Terrible Movies

Master Yoda once said that hate leads to suffering. He wasn’t talking specifically about the pain of missing out on amazing scenes just because they are found in some of the most hated movies ever, but his wisdom still applies. The problem is that, today, we only seem to discuss movies in the extremes, especially when we didn’t like them. It doesn’t suffice anymore to call a movie “bad” and go on with your life.

No, nowadays, when we don’t like a film, we too often act like its director personally came to our house and hit us in the face with the corpse of our childhood pet. And it’s precisely this type of thinking that makes us overlook the good in many box office bombs, like their incredible action scenes for one.

You see, it turns out that a lot of “bad” movies only turned out that way because they diverted all their money and creative energy away from the story and acting, and instead pumped it all into one insane, adrenaline-fueled cinematic orgasm of the senses.

We’re talking about scenes like…