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10 Best Sci-Fi Movie Villains

A lesser known, and certainly lesser appreciated choice, Pinbacker is too often overlooked in discussions of some of the great villains in sci-fi. One of the most impressive elements of Pinbacker as a villain is also the reason he is so often forgotten; his limited screen time in the perpetually under-rated Sunshine.

Pinbacker does not show up in the film until its brilliant final act when he appears in a shroud of climactic chaos. He adds so much depth and intensity to the film in such a short space of time.

Pinbacker carries one of the great villain traits, a fanatic and unerring belief that what he is doing is right. The terrifying, disfigured former commander of the Icarus I burns his own crew alive after a psychotic break in the belief that it is gods will for the world and mankind to finally end.

Pinbacker is brilliantly played by Mark Strong with such intense terror emanating from him for the brief period he appears. He makes such an impression in such a short space of time and adds so much to the film that he deserves his mention on this list.