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10 Big-Name Actors Who Were Wasted In Major Blockbusters

The biggest names and talent in Hollywood are often a commanding force behind a film's success. When an actor or actress delivers a standout performance in the industry, there's a high reputation that carries through into future profits; the higher they rise, the more capable they become of selling a new film to audiences.

The summer blockbuster is easily the biggest example; you've got to have the top-tier performers if you want to rack up the box-office profits, but not every film follows through on this.

Whether they were killed off far too soon or simply had no effort put into developing their characters, the following ten films got big name actors on-board to get audiences in the seats, then tossed them aside when they had no more use to the story.

These creative choices certainly amplified the disappointment of their respective productions and the following ten films left people feeling a little bit cheated when they saw these names on the poster. Not every film on this list is awful per se, but they were all diminished by the limited roles of their main performers. Let's dig in...