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10 Brilliant Horror Movie Concepts Not Taken Far Enough

Sometimes after watching a film we feel just a little let down...

We've enjoyed the viewing experience but there's something missing. Perhaps there are two many unanswered questions or a plot thread you were really interested in that didn't seem to go anywhere. It just leaves you thinking, "If only they'd added just a LITTLE bit more to the story!"

Some films plant incredible seeds within their runtimes, only to drop them or explore them in what feels like an unsatisfactory or clumsy manner. This is common amongst horror films in particular, as they often tell outlandish tales that require a great deal of lore or backstory. There is nothing quite like that crushing sense of disappointment when you discover a film you were excited about or invested in didn't explore a certain element as much as you would've liked. Often, a horror movie's failure to explore their unique concepts to the fullest leads to it being perceived as a failure.

With that in mind, here are 10 great horror movie concepts that weren't taken far enough. Not all of these films are considered "good," but with a little more storytelling and a few tweaks, they could've been something truly remarkable.