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10 Films Where Dead Bodies Were Main Characters

Ron Perlman’s first Hellboy appearance is an enjoyably strange piece of cinema. However, there was one bizarre plot point that was glossed over with little explanation.

Early into the third act, Hellboy’s team needs a guide to pass through a cemetery. As if it’s no big deal, the half-demon digs up a dead man’s head and torso, utters an incantation and brings the man back to life.

The zombie gives them directions, passes a few insults at the red man carrying him and then tumbles into a pit never to be seen again. So… Hellboy can suddenly raise the dead?

While this living corpse is only a minor character in the film, fans of the comics will actually recognize this from a one-shot storyline in which Hellboy is cursed by some forest spirits to transport an animated corpse to a church for proper burial.

This, in turn, is based on an Irish fairy tale, simply substituting Hellboy for the rich young man who learns the meaning of hard work through the endeavor.

The barbs and dissatisfaction echoed by the corpse are accurate to the comic and to the original fairy tale – despite its being relegated to a bit part by Del Toro – leaving this as simply an easter egg shoehorned into the first Hellboy film in order to patch up a probable plothole.