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10 Movie Franchises That Ended Too Soon

More often than not, film franchises tend to have a nasty habit of overstaying their welcome. Seriously, in what sort of world do we ever need anything even close to a ridiculous six outings for the Sharknado franchise?!

While Sharknado is a direct-to-TV product, the same rules can clearly be applied to the cinema screen. Even if a movie doesn't get universally praised, so long as there's a decent profit margin for the film then studios will forever power away with making sequel after sequel, milking a property until its completely devoid of any value.

On the other side of the coin, there are those franchises that pick the exact perfect time to call it a day in a way that leaves audiences with a satisfied taste of completion in their mouths. Then on the other side of this three-sided coin, there are certain franchises where they ultimately have the legs pulled out from under them when there's still so much potential and possibility left on the table for the IP.

It's that final school of thought which we're going to explore here, as we pinpoint ten film franchises that, quite frankly, ended far, far too soon.

With that in mind, then...