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10 Movie Scenes More Real Than You Think

Adam Sandler's much-loved comedy Billy Madison features a memorable scene where Billy (Sandler) takes on his pint-sized classmates in an impromptu game of dodgeball, using his superior size and strength to effortlessly wail away on the kids.

It's one of the movie's most hilarious scenes, and according to director Tamra Davis, Sandler called her up the night before shooting, insisting that he actually hit the kids with the ball as hard as he can because, in his apparent words, "hurting kids is funny."

Despite Davis' initial protests, she agreed on the condition that the kids must volunteer to be hit and the production must get the sign-off from their parents.

Nevertheless, in a recent interview Sandler confirmed that some of the parents weren't too thrilled about their kids getting hit full-pelt by him. Many of the kids began crying, though Davis was able to call "cut!" before the waterworks flowed.