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10 Movie Scenes More Real Than You Think

Though Hollywood is a dream factory where the impossible can become possible courtesy of cutting edge visual effects, sometimes filmmakers just get things done the old-fashioned way - that is, doing them for real.

Whether for the sake of time, budgets, or simply because those involved wanted the most naturalistic reaction from their cast members possible, these 10 movie scenes are all far more rooted in reality than you'd ever reasonably expect.

From watching them as part of the wider movie, you'd assume each of these scenes was a carefully controlled cinematic fabrication where everyone had been carefully briefed and felt totally comfortable.

Instead, these scenes were genuinely dangerous, frightening, disgusting, awkward, and in one case, even uncomfortably truthful.

It's fair to say that filmmakers wouldn't get away with many of these unexpectedly real movie moments today, though some are at least nothing more than harmless fun where nobody's physical well-being was at risk.

Prepare to have your totally sensible preconceptions about these scenes rubbished, then, as we detail just how much reality was involved in bringing them to the big screen...