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10 Movie Sequels That Turn Wimps Into Total Badasses

Rachel Weisz Mummy Returns

Generally speaking, movie sequels have to make some big changes in order to be considered successful.

Any entry in a franchise that comes after the first will be bashed if it appears to be just copying what came before (see The Hangover Part II) so screenwriters, producers and directors will put a lot of effort into making their sequels feel different, deeply focused on avoiding that much-maligned 'rehash' and the backlash that usually comes with it.

These efforts can have great, or poor results; 2015's Terminator Genisys was criticised for turning Arnie's classic anti-hero into a laughing stock - a wrong decision made with good intentions - and there are a lot of similarly negative cases, but one positive of sequels aiming to up the ante is that characters can be changed in a great way, beefed up, or given more interesting things to do.

Sure, characters in sequels can change for the worse, but they can also change for the better, gaining a much-needed jolt of courage or badassery that makes them an infinitely more enjoyable watch, or a much cooler proposition than they were originally...