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10 Movies That Cruelly Teased What We REALLY Wanted To See

The inclusion of franchise favourite villain Nemesis in Resident Evil: Apocalypse was so great in so many ways for so long. That is, of course, until this 2004 second entry in the RE movie franchise pulled the rug out from underneath its audience during the sequel's final act.

Opting to utilise practical effects for this creature, Apocalypse delivered a Nemesis that looked like Nemesis, that stalked its prey like Nemesis, and that really was the Nemesis we'd all hoped to see brought to life. But just when all was going well and just when we thought Resident Evil: Apocalypse had given us a worthy take on Nemesis, all of that impressive groundwork was ruined by the picture flipping all of that on its head.

Giving Nemesis the backstory of being the human Matt Addison was maybe a tad questionable, yet Apocalypse still managed to make the hulking powerhouse work so well for the majority of its duration. Then, though, any positive thoughts and goodwill was thrown out of the window, when Nemesis had a change of heart - turning into a 'good guy' during the movie's close, as he remembers his human self and thus sacrifices himself to help Milla Jovovich's Alice save the day.