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10 Movies That Were Totally Haunted

If you haven't seen 2012's The Possession, it stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a basketball coach going through a divorce, whose daughter, Emily, stumbles upon an enigmatic wooden box at a yard sale. The box is possessed by a dybbuk, a malicious spirit comparable to the Devil. As malicious spirits are wont to do, the dybbuk begins corrupting Emily. Her behavior gets more and more erratic, as the dybbuk digs its talons deeper and deeper into her soul.

The film - which received mixed reviews - may have not made an impact on audiences, but it DID affect one person: Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

He's said that the strange occurrences on set turned him into less of a skeptic. So what did he experience?

Random cold breezes would sweep through the set when the doors and windows were closed. Light bulbs would inexplicably explode. Perhaps the creepiest incident involved a mysterious fire; all of the film's props - including the dybbuk box - were housed in a storage unit, which somehow caught on fire, destroying everything inside. An investigation concluded that it wasn't arson, nor was it an electrical fire.

That means the fire started from inside.

You know, where the dybbuk box was.