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10 Movies Way Freakier Than You Thought

One of the common aspects of great movies is that they tend to offer up something new for audiences on repeat viewings, re-contextualising what they saw the first time around in ways clever, hilarious, and sometimes even disturbing.

With these 10 films, each can just be taken totally on-the-level as a well-crafted slice of Hollywood entertainment, but for those really prepared to engage with all the subtext and innuendo, it's clear there's so much more going on beneath the surface.

From scant lines of provocative dialogue to creepy character backstories everyone's basically forgotten about, uncomfortable final implications and everything in-between, these movies are all a hell of a lot weirder than most fans actually realise.

In some cases you can't really be blamed for wanting to take a more surface-level reading of the movies given some of the unsavoury suggestions they make otherwise, but for all but the most wilfully obtuse of audiences, these truths can't be forgotten once learned.

Above all else, these revelations make it clear just how much oddball subtext and subtle creepiness can make it into your average blockbuster movie...