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10 Sci-Fi Movies Critics Were Way Too Harsh On

It's interesting that some of Arnold Schwarzenegger's most enjoyable movies were the ones that critics didn't like - Terminator aside of course - but one case in which the negative feedback never fully felt justified was that of the Last Action Hero.

Released in 1993, many had predicted it would be the next big summer blockbuster, but the baffling decision to open a week after Jurassic Park - a decision that Schwarzenegger apparently advised against - resulted in it underperforming (which was unheard of for an Arnie flick in the '90s). That aside, the negative reception certainly didn't help matters.

It was torn apart by critics because it failed in its attempts to be a big-budget parody, with some criticising it for missing all the points it was supposed to make and others just finding it too chaotic and messy. But really though? What more do you expect from a tongue-in-cheek parody masquerading as an action movie?

It is what it is, and for what it was, Last Action Hero was a pretty fun adventure that, while not as intellectual as it tried to be, still provided enough thrills and spills to entertain. And it's worth it alone just to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger say 'Rubber baby buggy bumpers'?