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10 Things You Notice Rewatching Beyond The Mat

While detailed wrestling documentaries are commonplace these days due to how the WWE Network serves up that sort of content on a monthly basis, that wasn't the case back in the '90s and into the 2000s.

Back then, two documentaries stood out as special pieces of film that gave wrestling fans glimpses behind the curtain that had never before been seen. Those documentaries, of course, would be Paul Jay's Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows and Barry Blaustein's Beyond the Mat.

Both of these films were true game-changers, and many traditionalists would argue that they're to blame for the cat being fully let out of the bag where it pertains to the death of kayfabe and to the inner workings of the business being exposed for all to see.

Regardless, both Wrestling with Shadows and Beyond the Mat still make for great viewing to this very day, over 20 years since each were first released.

With Beyond the Mat having now recently turned up on Netflix, it's the perfect chance to revisit one of pro wrestling's most successful documentaries - and in doing so, here are ten small details that you'll notice during that rewatch.