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10 Underrated Horror Movie Moments That Will Scar You For Life

If there's one thing that House of the Devil director Ti West is famous for, it's having the Cabin Fever sequel stolen from him and ruined by the studio.

Just kidding, the indie darling is actually best known for his skill with the slow burn mystery. The helmer's CV is filled with tense, subtle horrors which gradually unveil their threats, relying as much on tiny unsettling details as explosive scares for their creeping effectiveness.

Just look at 2012's The Innkeepers, a meditatively paced supernatural horror which begins like an indie dramedy. Following Twin Peaks' Sara Paxton and Cheap Thrills' Pat Healy as a pair of laidback paranormal investigators looking into the legend of a soon-to-be-shuttered, supposedly "haunted" inn, the film takes its time letting viewers get to know its stars.

The mellow action slowly ramps up tension with occasional glimpses of a paranormal presence in their surroundings as the pair dig deeper into the place's dark history...

Oh, and then about an hour in there's the terrifying reveal of a white-eyed corpse bride sitting in bed beside out heroine.

And now you're on edge for the rest of the film's chilling runtime.