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11 Movie Casting Choices The Public Couldn't Handle

You can have a great script, a wonderful director, and an ultra-talented crew, but there's no mistaking the paramount importance of getting a movie's casting right.

Pick the right actor to play a part and you've got instant cinematic dynamite, but screw it up and an ill-fitting actor can single-handedly sink the entire production.

As much as Hollywood loves to play things safe, bold casting choices are certainly a way to get people's attention - both for better and for worse.

Who among us can forget the negativity surrounding Heath Ledger's casting as The Joker in The Dark Knight, only for him to win an Academy Award for his performance?

Audiences are historically pretty poor at being open-minded about casting, and so it's little surprise that these left-field picks left many viewers vocally infuriated.

While in some cases the frustration was at least understandable - if not calling out some of Hollywood's more cynical casting practises - in others it simply allowed audiences to reveal their own closed-mindedness to the world.

But regardless of how it turned out, these casting choices immediately ignited the ire of audiences worldwide...