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12 More Movie Endings That Trolled Audiences

There’s nothing more annoying—or sometimes deliriously, surprisingly satisfying—than when a film decides to end not on an obvious or logical note, not with one last killer twist, but with an ending which seems tailor made just to mess with the audience.

It’s a phenomenon so recognisable that there’s already a WhatCulture list which looks at endings that seemed determined to troll the audience of the preceding movies, but it’s also so common that there were a dozen more examples which deserved a spotlight of their own.

Some of these endings come at the close of comedies which are determined to leave their audiences with one last laugh even if it means destroying the film’s apparent themes until that point, whilst a few come at the close of completely self-serious films and are a total surprise to audiences expecting a more fitting ending.

In each case, these twelve endings all trolled audiences expecting something sensible at the close of their respective films, so let’s look at how they did it—and try to work out why.