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15 Actors Who Should Be Cast In The MCU's Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was inevitable. Iron Man and Captain America may be gone, but the franchise they helped build is showing no signs of slowing down. Sequels to Thor, Spiderman and Doctor Strange are in the works, and Disney CEO Bob Iger has already confirmed the eventual integration of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to later phases of the MCU.

What hasn't been confirmed yet is the cast.

The two previous attempts to cast a live-action Fantastic Four haven't ended particularly well, hitting theatres to lukewarm reviews. So who could possibly swoop in and take on the roles of Marvel's favourite dysfunctional family? After Robert Downey Jr, all the Chrises, and Scarlett Johanssen, it's written in the stars that any future casting decision from the franchise will be brilliant.

In the following list, we're going to be looking at who could play the titular Four and who could fill the role of their most formidable villain: Doctor Doom, and presented within are THREE separate alternatives for each. Some options may jump out and make instant sense; others may appear less obvious but equally awesome.

All have something to give, be it the sheer talent of their acting ability, their comedic chops, or their voice or appearance. Simply put, if any of the following were to be cast, it wouldn't be such a bad move.