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7 Strangest Things Actors Had To Do To Win Movie Roles

Because casting is often such a secretive part of the filmmaking process, we sometimes forget that actors have to fight hard for their movie roles.

When you're watching a superhero flick, you don't really think about the many, many times that the lead actor had to stand in front of the producers, reading their lines while desperately hoping that they're portraying the character in the right way. It can be a difficult, lengthy process, and even the biggest of movie stars have to go through it.

But auditioning - or simply proving that you're the right actor for the role - isn't always as simple as reading a scene to a bunch of filmmakers.

In fact, there are some actors who were asked to do strange, complicated or embarrassing things in order to win the parts they were up for, even if these things didn't have anything to do with the character or the movie itself.

So, the next time you're having a bad day, just look at it like this: at least you didn't have to show a complete stranger what your assorted sex faces look like...