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7 Strangest Things Actors Had To Do To Win Movie Roles

Ari Aster's Midsommar is one of the most unnerving movies of recent years, a disturbing yet transfixing horror tale set within a detached Swedish commune.

A vast chunk of the movie is set outdoors, with the actors filming their scenes in a large field surrounded by a forest, and this beautiful location actually influenced the film's rather strange audition process.

In an interview with EW, actor Vilhelm Blomgren (who plays Pelle, a member of the commune) said that, in order to secure his role, he had to adhere to some weirdly specific notes from the casting director - he was told to walk through some woods for thirty metres immediately prior to recording his audition scene:

“I was actually just finishing up a Swedish HBO series, and the same casting agent was a part of Midsommar, so she called me. She was very specific about the self-tape, like, 'Can you start by walking thirty metres' - or something - 'in the woods, and then you do the scene.' I was like, 'Okay. Yeah, sure.' But that eventually got me the part. Maybe."

Perhaps they just wanted to put him in touch with nature? Or, maybe they just wanted to see which actors would actually adhere to such an unusual request. Who knows.