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8 Movie Fan Theories That Were Confirmed By The Creators

All film is subjective, and as a result, it's normal for people to have radically different views and opinions on certain movies, their plots, and their characters.

This subjectivity can take many forms: there's probably someone out there who thinks The Emoji Movie was the best animated flick of last year, while another person might think Terminator 2 is a cinematic travesty. But one of the most fun ways for fans to express themselves is with fan theories.

Sometimes, these can become as popular as the movies themselves. Jar Jar Binks being a Sith Lord, every Pixar movie existing in the same universe, and Silva being M's son in Skyfall have all permeated pop-culture for years, but it's rare for the creators to discuss these theories, much less confirm that they're actually true.

But occasionally, this does happen. Several popular movies have had some of their most interesting fan theories confirmed by the writers, directors and actors involved, and though a lot of these won't drastically alter how you view the stories, the extra flavour they add can make repeat viewings even more rewarding.