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Every Ridley Scott Movie Ranked Worst To Best

Exodus: Gods and Kings represented the lowest point in Ridley Scott's career, for a number of reasons. Before the film had even been released, he'd received backlash for his decision to cast an array of white actors - including Christian Bale, Joel Egerton and Sigourney Weaver - in Hebrew and Egyptian roles.

Later, he poorly attempted to defend the decision, and drew added ire because of his overt atheism, which many saw as a clash with the film's themes and story.

All that aside, Exodus isn't a good film anyway. As a piece of blockbuster filmmaking, it's typically eye-popping from a visual standpoint, and Scott proves he's not lost his touch behind the camera, but the script is just so paper thin and lacking any meaningful characterisations or plot points to make any of it worthwhile.

If ever you needed proof that cinema's about more than looking good, this is it.