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10 "Secret" Upcoming Video Games We Already Know About

Insomniac Games

While the very public nature of filmmaking, often employing thousands of people, makes it difficult for Hollywood to keep a lid on their in-development projects, video games are far more easily able to fly under the radar for years before being announced to the general public.

Even so, leaks are hilariously common, to the extent that countless games are known to be in development for months, even years, before they're officially unveiled to gamers.

These ten games are all absolutely, 100% in development in some form or another, and whether the various "leaks" and rumours are entirely correct or not, there's simply too much smoke from too many credible sources for them not to be true.

In some cases we'll likely see these games revealed in the coming months, while others may leave fans to wonder for a good while yet, until the team feels their work is in sufficient shape for a public showing.

Either way, simply knowing that these games are in the works is comforting enough, no matter how long they take to hit stores...