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As well as boasting a treasure trove of original titles, it's no secret that the Nintendo Switch is something of a port machine, giving a number of fantastic Wii U games that were overlooked due to the console's poor performance. Alongside, you've got NES and SNES classics - for any gamer willing to shell out on the monthly subscription fee, that is.

Still, there are obvious gaps in the system's library. While some of the games on this list might seem like wishful thinking, the recent announcement of a sequel to Pokemon Snap 21 years after the original proves that anything is possible.

Indeed, a fair few of these games have been rumoured regularly, with fans still hoping for their official announcement in an imminent Nintendo Direct. Some are way overdue a re-release, being more obscure entries in popular franchises which would no doubt sell well while making certain NES titles more accessible to newer fans.

From one-off curios that deserve a bigger audience to re-releases which could potentially revive a dead franchise, here are just a handful of classic Nintendo games that need to come back.