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10 Games We All Used To Play In IT Class

It has been a few years since Flappy Bird, the iOS game that involved navigating a bird through obstacles that were suspiciously similar to the pipes seen in Super Mario Bros, became an overnight sensation, with phones that had it installed attracting ridiculous bids in the sums of thousands of dollars on eBay after its creator removed it from circulation.

Anybody that had ever played Helicopter would’ve wondered what all of the fuss was about. One of the simplest browser games out there, it tasked players with flying a helicopter through procedurally generated and increasingly more difficult ‘terrain’ in the form of blocks at the top and bottom of the screen. Success was measured in distance, with bragging rights afforded to whoever could go the furthest without crashing.

Popular for its simplicity (requiring just the left click button of a mouse to play), as well as the fact that it could be shut down at a moment’s notice without losing anything but the progress of a current run if a teacher came around, though Helicopter got repetitive quickly, it was always good for a five-minute break from whatever Publisher or FrontPage project was on the cards that day.