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10 Video Game Cliffhangers That Will Never Be Resolved

Bulletstorm is one of those mid-tier FPS games that were oh-so prevalent during the PS3 era, and it's one of the most underrated of the lot. It also ends on a tantalising cliffhanger that teased a followup game, one that would have brought back characters who supposedly died during the main story.

In the final level you confront bad guy General Sarrano onboard his rescue ship, slaughtering your way through waves and waves of goons to get there. A short gunfight later, you whip Sarrano into the air and kick him onto a piece of metal sticking out of the wall, which seems like it should kill the guy... but nope. Sarrano ejects you from his ship, having you face off against more enemies before the credits finally roll.

Wait around after said credits and you'll be greeted by some extra dialogue that sheds a little more light on Sarrano's fate, while leaving a lot of questions unanswered. This extra scene reveals that Sarrano survived and is now a cyborg, and that Ishi - your former teammate - has also survived, implying that the two will be working together.

The reason Bulletstorm 2 is first on our list is because it has the highest chance of getting a sequel - albeit a small chance. The most recent update we had was that the developer has no plans to revisit the IP, even though they did remain hopeful.

Considering that this kind of non-committal, vaguely optimistic response is all we've had for the past eight years, it's hard to have faith that any movement will actually happen here. Maybe if the recently-released Switch port absolutely slays?