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10 Video Game Enemies EVERYONE Hates

One of the most frustrating things about encountering an Adult Cazador in the almighty Fallout: New Vegas was that it was a complete inversion of expectations. In the previous game, Fallout 3, and even elsewhere in the Mojave, the first thing you'd likely come across was the disgusting flying blancmange that was the Bloatfly, an easy to target enemy that went down like a sack of spuds in a few shots.

So when you see this neon winged fellow fluttering about in the distance you would immediately assume he's of the same ilk. but with some gaudy go fast stripes. But for the love of The Master, do not engage with this beast as it will rip you into mole rat chunks.

Hitting with more physical damage than a GIANT RADSCORPION and doing 3 TIMES the ammount of poison damage, the Adult Cazador will pursue you to the ends of the earth should you try and shoot and run. And hitting the bastard is next to impossible without V.A.T.S due to its erratic nature.

So if you hear a buzzing while exploring the mountains of the mojave, just drop what you're doing and leg it as a horrible death is coming for you should you stick around.