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10 Video Game Plot Twists That Punished Loyal Fans

10. Desmond Must Kill Himself To Save The World - Assassin's Creed III


As I covered in my breakdown of precisely why Assassin's Creed is on such rocky footing right now, you could immediately feel the loss of Creative Director Patrice Desilets from the series, as not only did the team fail to capitalise on AC II's Minerva twist by intelligently continuing the element of literal talking Gods in the fiction, but Ubi just up and killed Desmond for not reason as well.

You remember Desmond? Looked to be the main character of a future present day instalment of the series - someone who'd roll together his bloodline of assassins' best abilities into one powerhouse of skyscraper-hopping proficiency?

Yeah, I remember him too, but the reward we got for sitting through hours upon hours of exposition and "You're the one" dialogue across five games was... nothing. Nothing, and the only reason being that there was a magical orb that contained an Earth-ending God, and Desmond should touch it, thereby killing himself and saving humanity.

Look, they even did a little "And then he became Jesus!" thing...

Assassin S Creed III 3 Ending

It was hilariously bad.