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10 Video Game Plot Twists That Punished Loyal Fans

Halo Master Chief Cortana

It takes some monumental balls to upend your game's story at the last possible second. Keep in mind the average title spans a good 10 hours of play-time - 30-50+ depending on genre and long into the hundreds for loot-grind RPGs - so if you're going to do the jazz-handed dance of "Woah there champ, alls not what it seems!", you'd better stick the landing.

Because for as much as first impressions count for a lot in life, in gaming you're only as good as the last time we held the controller. Yes, we can forgive a particularly naff final boss or infuriating level if everything else is spot on, but it stands to reason that every time you're lost in a haze of nostalgia, those final moments will come screaming back into view.

Add in the fact that many of gaming's most severe rug-pulls actively reframe their narratives entirely, and a developer can cripple any sense of replayability in minutes.

No pressure then.

Indeed, gamers are some of the most passionate entertainment fans of all, and we we're gearing up for a massive right and you go left, well... the results aren't pretty.