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10 Video Game Sub-Bosses With Unexpected Second Phases

The villainous characters in Dishonored aren't presented as 'bosses' in the traditional sense. Most of the time, it's the environments they're in that are the real challenge, and killing your target is sometimes as simple as sneaking up behind them and running them through.

Granny Rags, one of the series' most popular characters, is only a villain if you choose to make her one - i.e., if you don't turn a blind eye to the fact she's kidnapping people and boiling them alive.

At the end of Chapter 7, you'll find Granny preparing to kill and cook Slackjaw, the leader of the Bottle Street Gang. If you choose to assassinate her there and then, she'll appear to die...then dissolve into a swarm of plague rats and teleport up to a higher level.

Effectively, this fight has an infinite number of stages, as Granny Rags is unkillable until you sever her immortality by burning a cameo of her in a furnace. After this, she can be taken out in any number of ways, but unless you know what to do going in, you'll have quite a frustrating fight on your hands.