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10 Video Games That WANT You To Rage Quit

It's entirely surreal that think that some games want to make you so angry and frustrated with them that they quit. Surely the whole point of a game is that you enjoy playing it, and that you want to play even more?

As it turns out, not always. Games that have reputations for being especially hard or unusually cruel often get both cult followings or and a dose of extra hype - and not without reason. People like to feel like they're good at games, and that feeling is all the more rewarding when you win at a game that's renowned for making plenty of players quit before they got to that point.

No game likely wants you to quit forever - they just want you to really, really suffer, rage quit for a bit, and then come back when you've calmed down. So long as you don't snap any disks, consoles, or tv screens, it's pretty much a healthy lesson in anger management, as all those video of folk losing their minds about them pretty much confirms.

Almost every genre has a game that wants you to just rage quit, and if anything, that's something that brings the industry together - and keeps people buying new controllers.