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7 Essentials Still Missing From Red Dead Online

One of the most obvious missing pieces of content in RDO is the ability to steal horses.

The idea of horse theft is brought up in the story when Arthur and the gang need to relieve the Braithwaites of their prized horses.

After this, the horses are delivered to two shady twins, Clay and Clive Davies, who offer a lump sum. The player can then return to them later with Uncle to deliver some cattle.

It was exciting to see them return yet again during the tutorial for Red Dead Online. Horley, who rescues the player from a prison wagon, introduces the two as a way for players to acquire their first horse.

Once the horses are successfully brought back to Clay and Clive, Clay shares this exchange: "Any other decent horses you find, we'll buy 'em. Just as soon as we're set up, okay?"

However, despite those words being uttered over two years ago, the two have yet to resurface in the world of Red Dead Online despite the mechanics of taming wild horses still being in the game.