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8 Challenging Video Game Moments That Made You Sweat

There's a special feeling you get when you've reached a moment in a video game where you realise every move you make has to be perfect to ensure success.

Sure there's still a place for games like Animal Crossing, and Harvest Moon, where the player can take things at their own speed, but they're undoubtedly different to games that force you to consider every touch of the keyboard or the controller for fear of failure.

Of course, this kind of difficulty in gaming isn't a new concept.

As many WhatCulture readers will likely already know, the whole reason that Super Mario Bros 2 was released as two entirely different games in the US and Japan was because Nintendo of America feared that the challenging nature of the Japanese sequel would put off western gamers.

In more recent times, notoriously difficult games such as Dark Souls have gained popularity. in part, because of the level of accomplishment felt after completing them.

However, its not only games that may appear difficult on the outside that can prove mind-numbingly frustrating to complete. Some of these titles don't seem too challenging on the surface, but after a series of failures will leave players more than frustrated.