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8 Video Game Characters Who Made THE WORST Decisions

For the amount of chaos that Dr. Wiley has caused across the span of the Mega Man games, you'd think that someone at some point would have said something like "hmm maybe we should lock this guy up?" as it definitely seems that it would cut robot-related crimes in half, if not totally remove them, with this decision.

He's evil through and through, even going so far as to sleep in skull patterned pajamas so you should never, ever trust a word out of his mustachioed-villain mouth, and yet despite all the hurt, paint and turmoil he's caused, MEGA MAN ALWAYS ENDS UP FORGETTING TO LOCK THE BASTARD UP.

In what can assumedly only be a programming error, the Blue Bomber will time and time again, have Dr. Wiley cornered, on his knees begging for forgivenes, and then just....let him go. I know that you want to save the day and get all the praise here but there are better ways to go about it than by letting the main villain escape over and over.

However maybe we're being too harsh, maybe Mega Man doesn't actually have a decision and is actually part of a failsafe program installed by a sentimental Dr. Light in order to avoid the needless death of his former friend, yet if that's the case then we need to be asking Dr. Light some serious questions.