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Hitman 1 & 2: 10 Best Levels So Far

The recent Hitman games have been a massive success and fans couldn't be happier to see the franchise return to form. Resembling earlier games such as Blood Money in terms of encouraging exploration and replaying levels over linear gameplay, the latest releases have produced great missions that surpass many of the classics we've spent hours on already.

While the plot of the latest games hasn't been the most compelling story ever told, the Hitman games have never been one for storytelling. It's the levels where these games really shine. With a focus on small details in an open sandbox, as well as improvisational A.I. and everything reacting to the slightest of actions the player makes.

Whether its disrupting an entire patrol to separate a target from their guards or emptying a room filled with people by causing a propane tank to explode, the destinations we visit in these games are massive playgrounds for you to manipulate to your benefit or detriment.

So, with Hitman 3 announced it's time to look back at the last two entries in the series, and see which levels really scratched the silent assassin itch.