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Hitman 1 & 2: 10 Best Levels So Far

The bustling streets of Morocco aren't the most practical of places for Agent 47 to dispose of people discreetly, but this mission has bucket loads of atmosphere and an interesting backstory behind its two targets.

Claus Hugo Strandberg, the banker who stole millions from the public and Rayza Zaydan, the womanizing General who both plan to put Morocco under Martial Law. Strandberg hides in his ivory tower, the Swedish consulate, while Zaydan is surrounded by armed guards in an abandoned school.

From the busy bazaar, to the well-furnished innings of the consulate, this level offers variety in environments which makes it feel like two levels as opposed to one. The protest outside of the consulate really adds to the atmosphere and makes the mission feel more urgent, as this threat is already affecting the public with military personnel patrolling the streets.

The assassination methods in this level also provide for a lot of fun. From dropping a toilet on Zaydan's head to snapping Strandberg's neck while giving him a massage. However, for a level set in Marrakesh, the streets can feel lifeless at times and the middle ground between the two targets becomes an uneventful no man's land of NPCs, showing that scale in Hitman is only good when there's things to fill the space.