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Star Wars: 10 Best Starfighter Games You Need To Play

Since a little film called Star Wars made its premiere in 1977, there have been hundreds of games (board, computer, and video) created based on the massive licencing potential of this epic science-fiction universe.

We as fans have been graced with blocky Atari games, arcade games, first person shooters, real time strategies, racers, fighters ... pretty much every genre has had the Star Wars magic added to it.

The one type of game that seems to truly put you into the heart of what Star Wars is memorable for, though, are the flight sims. George Lucas modelled Star Wars on the action-filled war movies and science fiction serials of his youth; what fun is it to be in space if you can't whoosh from planet to planet, often lining up enemy fighters in your sights as you go? Some of these games are simple get-into-the-cockpit-and-go, while others adopt a more nuanced approach and take some time to master.

With Star Wars : Squadrons recently announced for release this October, let's take a look at ten Star Wars starfighter games that best put you into the middle of some of the greatest star systems, spaceships, and battles ever brought to cinematic life.

NOTE: games on this list made before 2014 are considered non-canon and carry the Star Wars Legends label. Any made after 2014 now have input from Disney and are considered canon.