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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League - 10 Things It Must Do

Warner Bros. Games appears to be gearing up for a Suicide Squad game reveal at this August's DC Fandome event, perhaps one even made by Rocksteady. But what must it do to match the heights of the Arkham series?

WB have done plenty to soil the reputation of some of their greatest series by stuffing them with live service monetization elements and ignoring what every self-respecting individual actually wants from a game - you know, something fun to play.

And that is on top of the numerous cancelled projects and refused pitches from Rocksteady and WB Games Montréal, most of which seemed to be fresh, original ideas that would have shaken up the Arkham formula in really interesting ways.

Nobody wants any of these factors to affect this playable iteration of the Suicide Squad, and while the game is probably already far enough along for the fundamentals to have already been decided upon, hopefully some of these suggestions will be seen by one Warner executive or another and convince them to do some sort of course correction, or pat themselves on the back if the game is already up to scratch...