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10 Absolutely Insane Rider Requests By Spoilt Musicians

James Newell Osterberg Junior, or Iggy Pop as you may know him is an absolute legend of punk rock. Since The Stooges first formed in 1967, the 73 year old has torn up stages across the world with nothing but a microphone and a pair of see-through trousers. Known as The Godfather Of Punk, Iggy smashed onto the scene with hits such as Lust For Life and I Wanna Be Your Dog and changed the face of rock music forever.

Considering his punky nature, it's no surprise that his rider consists of a variety of weird and wonderful objects that surely must have left promoters scratching their heads in confusion. Taken from a show in June 2010, Iggy and The Stooges' rider consisted of:

Somebody dressed as Bob Hope, seven dwarves with pointy hats from Goldilocks And The Temple Of Doom (he had forgotten the film title), some nice red wines and a trash bag disguised as a plant pot, which had to have vegetables in it.