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10 AWFUL Albums By Legendary Bands

Legendary bands are like a dependable pair of pants. After many years they become something reliable, consistent and familiar you can depend on.

Sure you may browse through other pairs and try them on for size and they may fit for a while, but you know you'll always come back and they'll be there waiting. Sadly, however, there may come a time when that once dependable feeling starts coming apart at the seams (a bit like this whole metaphor) and, in some instances, let you down.

Some bands are put on such an untouchable pedestal that they are perceived as being able to do no wrong , which makes it all the more painful when these legendary gods fall from their mountain of musical mastery.

Whether it be a punk band experimenting with dial up computer noises to rock n roll veterans struggling with "that tricky 15th album". This list will look at the most awful albums from legendary bands, picking apart the worst tracks, worst lyrics and - in some instances - a saving grace acting as an airbag on such musical car crashes.