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10 Most Controversial Metal Albums Of The 21st Century

The mainstream public has always had a bit of a tough time adjusting to heavy metal music. When music was already full of major hooks and singalong choruses, the genre full of screaming, heavy riffs, and demented stories has popped many a monocle in its day.

Ever since metal first started, there have been those records that have almost welcomed controversy. As opposed to shying away from the typical rock sound, some of these albums even used their darker themes as their calling card, almost daring the metal faithful to pick it up and wear it proudly in their record collection. At the same time, plenty of records have been put to market that shocked the metal community at large for either straying from the usual formula or taking a shot in the dark into a different genre.

Whether or not all of these are good records is certainly up for debate, but like the old adage goes, any press for your album is good press. From questionable lyrics to ear-piercing shrieks to the classic bait and switch, here are just a handful of records that left listeners with their jaws on the floor.