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10 Popular Guitar Riffs Invented Accidentally

The guitar is one of the most iconic and exhilarating instruments in the world. It has captivated audiences for years and has remained at the forefront of music ever since its inception.

The best thing about the guitar? Guitar riffs of course. Not only do they provide the beating heart of a piece of music but they also capture a certain time and place in history that cannot be replicated.

Believe it or not, the art of writing a great guitar riff is simplicity. Basic melodies are what keeps that tune stuck in your head, on repeat, over and over again. Catchy is key in the music world, and the only way a riff can truly survive.

Writing a catchy guitar riff can be difficult. That's why the majority of them are constructed by mistake. Tons and tons of amazing guitar riffs were figured out by accident, some in the strangest of ways while others stemmed from different songs and sounds.