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10 Rock "Sellout" Albums That Are Actually Really Good

It's hard to really see having a hit as a bad thing in the rock world. If anything, it should be an encouraging sign that the public is finally starting to understand your unique brand of rock and roll. On the other hand, when you give it to a band that lost their credibility a long time ago, you get something like Just Push Play.

However, there's a lot to actually like on here aside from the more obvious sellout tendencies on Aerosmith's part. Make no mistake, this album is Aerosmith on soundtrack mode, doing everything they can to replicate the magic of I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. Though hearing them with this much polish is unthinkable for fans of Sweet Emotion and Walk This Way, this is still a decent little slice of pop rock at the best of times.

Across tracks like Beyond Beautiful, you can still hear the badass sonic forces that Aerosmith used to be seeping into the mix, with a surprisingly playful amount of sitar sprinkled in for good measure. Songs like Trip Hoppin and Fly Away From Here are also pretty good attempts at recapturing that larger than life Armageddon feel. And despite it smelling like stale '00s pop now, Jaded is still a pretty good late era Aerosmith song with one hell of a chorus melody. Things have definitely looked better for Aerosmith, but the idea of meshing them into the pop sphere could have been a lot worse than this.