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10 WORST Metallica Songs Ever

Metallica are probably the most celebrated band in the history of heavy metal. Not only were they able to cross over into the mainstream, but they also exposed a whole new audience to the heavier side of rock and roll. Even with all their accolades though, not everything the band has touched has turned to gold.

As the years have gone on, the kings of thrash metal have had more than a few missteps that many long-time fans would rather forget. Whether it be from the "Sell Out" years in the 90's to their more experimental material in the 2000's, these guys have gotten a fair bit of scorn for the musical travesties they have given the metal community. The music may hold up, but the actual songs are far too haphazard to justify being on a Metallica release.

For as awful as some of these cuts are, it doesn't mean you should cut Metallica out of the all-time greats. The band's early material has remained untouched and has even gone up in stature when compared to the pitfalls of their later work. While it's impossible for a band to hit the bullseye every single time, Metallica are certainly better than these tunes.