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12 Most OVERRATED Hard Rock Bands Of All Time

At the start of their career, you couldn't say that Bad Company didn't have potential. With one of the greatest hard rock singers of all time in Paul Rogers, the band's first record ensured that there would be great music to come from this supergroup. Then again, be careful what you wish for.

As the years went on, Bad Company's records would always be good, but also lacking in that one key element to make them great. Though the band had their fair share of hits like "Shooting Star" and "Roll and Roll Fantasy," their brand of blues-soaked hard rock wasn't that much different from the dozens of other rock bands mining the same style.

The public have seemed to cool down on the band over the years, but their original hype of being signed to Led Zeppelin's label and being on par with Zeppelin themselves feels utterly mind-boggling in retrospect. Not everything that the band did was boring, but other than Paul Rogers' voice, there wasn't too much these guys were doing that you couldn't find somewhere else.

Bad Company were a pretty decent 70's rock act, but when you start bringing Led Zeppelin into the conversation, you accept no substitutes.