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Every Blink-182 Album Ranked From Worst To Best

It feels as though blink-182 (from here on out the 'blink' will be capitalised, the need for grammatical correctness has overwhelmed me) has gone from snot-nosed pop-punk kids to elder statesmen of the scene overnight. Over the past quarter of a century(?!), they have amassed a back-catalogue almost as impressive as their collection of dick jokes or their fans' array of Tom Delonge impressions. You try singing I Miss You without doing the voice.

A contentious hiatus, questionable reunion, and an acrimonious breakup still haven't stopped the Blink machine. Like the best artists of times gone by - think Linkin Park (RIP Chester) or Bring Me The Horizon for recent examples - Blink tweaked and changed their sound down the years to stay as relevant as they could when pop-punk music started to be shunned and sniggered at in the early 2010s.

The jokes about bowel movements and incest are (thankfully) gone as the band are now in their mid-40s, but Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and newest member Matt Skiba aren't finished yet with the charming pop riffs and deep, torn lyrics that have become a staple of the group in the second half of their career.